Rhinodol® 1000

Rhinodol® 1000


Our team of medical developers spent years formulating, testing and fine-tuning Rhinodol to bring you the highest concentrations of CBD available anywhere at a cost that’s affordable.


15 ML

114 Sprays

1000 MCG Dose

  • Why Rhinodol®

    ​​​​​Not all CBD products work the same. Getting CBD absorbed into your body and working for you at a reasonable price is why we developed this nasal spray.

  • Bioavailability of CBD

    Bioavailability of CBD varies greatly depending on the method of administration. The averages for CBD bioavailability by method of administration are:


    bi·o·a·vail·a·bil·i·ty - noun: the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.


    6% – 15% for oral CBD (swallowed and digested)

    35% sublingual/Oromucosal (absorbed directly through the mouth)

    40% for vaporized (absorbed through the lungs, not safe!)

    up to 34 - 46% for intranasal (applied through the nose)




  • Not All CBD Products are Effective:

    • Swallowed or Ingested: (Oils, capsules, pills, drinks) Due to the digestive processes that occur when CBDs enter the blood stream, the oral administrative route provides the lowest bioavailability. A significant amount of CBD goes into the liver and is broken down into unusable compounds.
    • Sublingual/Oralmucosal can be effective, however, these drugs can interfere with eating, drinking and talking. This route is generally unsuitable for prolonged administration. You should not smoke while taking sublingual medications because smoking causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. This decreases the absorption of the CBD. (Sprays, oils.
    • Vaporizing CBD can provide a rapid result but only last for a few hours while potentially damaging your lungs and make breathing difficult. Since most CBD vaping products are manufactured by un-registered facilities this can be the largest problem to your health and well-being.
    • Intranasal (IN) administration is safe, fast acting, non addictive and supplies the highest concentrations of CBD into your body. Rhinodol® is a pleasant, user friendly product that will provide fast effective relief.