Why CBD Oil Nasal Spray?

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Once you’ve decided to add CBD into your wellness regime, you’ll need to decide which delivery system makes the most sense for your health AND bank account. Fortunately, it’s not a difficult choice once you know all the facts. Nasal sprays supply the highest concentration of CBD to your body, making them the most effective delivery method available at the lowest cost per dose. Because the nasal membrane is so porous, nasal sprays are quickly absorbed into the body’s circulatory system and past the blood-brain barrier.

The chart below shows several common forms of CBD and their relative bioavailability - the proportion of a substance that enters the circulation and therefore has an active effect on the body. (The values shown represent the maximum percentage for each delivery method.) As you can see, nasal spray--or the intranasal method--tops the chart at a whopping 46% absorption rate and Rhinodol with the new broad spectrum Nanoemulsion even higher!

  • Oral CBD, such as oils, pills, capsules, gummies, and drinks is absorbed at a rate of 6-15%. The digestive process interferes with absorption and allows a significant amount to enter the liver, where it is broken down into unusable compounds.

  • Sublingual (under the tongue) or oromucosal forms of CBD (through the mouth) have a 35% absorption rate but only if done correctly and it can take 20 minutes or longer.

  • Vaporizing CBD is absorbed faster, at a rate of 40%. But this is the LEAST healthy method as it may damage the lungs.

  • Intranasal CBD has the ability to outperform other methods with its range of 34-46% absorption rate.

  • Rhinodol, New Leaf’s own brand of nasal spray, is made with broad-spectrum nanotechnology which provides nearly 100% absorption.

Formulated and fine-tuned by a team of medical developers, Rhinodol is 99% organic, pharmaceutical-grade CBD. It delivers relief from inflammation, anxiety and nervousness, sleep problems, myalgia (muscle pain), and congestion.

Better bioavailability also means you get more bang for your buck. In fact, just one dose of Rhinodol is equal to one 35mg CBD gel cap--and it costs half as much.

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