CBD as a Treatment for Arthritis

Since the popularity of CBD products has grown substantially over recent years, arthritic sufferers have begun purchasing and taking the substance known for its impressive pain-relieving properties. In fact, CBD has become so commonly used and recommended as a treatment for arthritis patients that the National Arthritis Foundation felt compelled to make a public statement about CBD, in which they stated they are open-minded about its use as a potential pain reliever and encourage further research.

Studies conducted up to this point confirm what many arthritis sufferers already know. Cannabinoids have been shown in studies to ease pain associated with conditions like cancer and multiple sclerosis. This is a significant finding, as joint pain is the number one complaint of those who suffer from arthritis.

CBD as a Treatment for Arthritis

In December 2017, the journal Pain published a study examining whether CBD could prevent joint neuropathy (general disease or malfunctions of the nerves) and osteoarthritis. The answer, they found, was yes. CBD was seen to decrease joint inflammation and serve to protect the nerves from further damage.

And what about Rheumatoid arthritis or RA, the autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation in the joints and other body systems such as the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels? In 2006, the journal Rheumatology published findings from a study that a cannabis-based medication significantly improved pain and reduced inflammation in study participants. As a bonus, patients also reported improved sleep and only minimal side effects, if any.

We now know, too, that CBD is beneficial for the overall immune system as cannabinoids are present in various systems of the body and their functions are enhanced by taking CBD. It stands to reason, therefore, that CBD is a smart addition to almost any individual’s health regime.

When choosing a CBD brand, it makes sense to select a broad-spectrum product, made from organic ingredients and manufactured by a reputable source. Rhinodol nasal spray is a wise choice for all these reasons, and it’s highly absorbable, making it an economical option as well.

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