Announcing 3 New Products from New Leaf Pharmaceuticals

The dawn of the decade brings big news from New Leaf Pharmaceuticals. We are thrilled to introduce three new, exciting products to the market! Our CBD Power Spray, CBD Power Salve and CBD Power Gel are state-of-the-art products that make valuable additions to your health-and-wellness tool kit. Both the spray and salve let you apply our organic, pharmaceutical-grade CBD directly to the skin to help alleviate sore, aching, joints, muscles and get relief from strains and bruising.

Athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and anyone with aches and pains will appreciate the fast relief these products deliver, as well as the opportunity to choose from our three new, effective and convenient delivery systems.

CBD Power Spray

New Leaf’s CBD Power Spray is an effective tool to spray away pain and soreness. It actually helps your body heal by reducing inflammation naturally. Available in soothing menthol.

  • Quickly alleviates pain from backache, arthritis, sore muscles, strains, & bruises

  • Promotes speedy recovery

  • Our 360-degree sprayer gets to the hard to reach places (neck, back) and penetrates the skin

  • Trusted by athletes and professionals

  • Pleasing smell

  • Skin-penetrating, professional strength

  • The most user friendly topical CBD product on the market. Spray and go! No messy, greasy hands

  • Broad spectrum hemp extract, zero THC

CBD Power Salve

Feel the power at your fingertips when you rub on New Leaf’s Power Salve and get quick, effective relief from pain. Available in soothing menthol.

  • Fast-acting for deep muscle pain in your back and joints

  • Long-lasting, powerful professional strength formula

  • Targets pain without using an oral OTC pain reliever

  • Fast recovery

  • Pleasing smell and non-greasy formula

  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract, zero THC

CBD Power Gel

New Leaf’s highly versatile Power Gel is the perfect topical treatment for travel, personal use, and in-office professional use. Provides quick relief and deeply penetrating long-lasting results.

  • Soothing, cooling sensation with deep pain-relieving ingredients, in professional strength

  • Goes on smooth and targets pain

  • Great for professional use

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)-friendly

  • Graston, Hawk, SMART or any other tool technique - provides an easy glide for all tissue tools

  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract with zero THC

Toss Power Spray, Power Salve or Power Gel in your gym bag or stock them in your family’s medicine chest.

Shop and learn more about all our products on the New Leaf Products Page.

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